About Me

My name is Zaria Rhodolite, however I am better known as Aurelia online.

Based in New Zealand, I am a 25 year old, self-taught digital artist. My work is inspired by cartoons and animation. Through digital software I am able to create work that encouraged me to start drawing in the first place, but with my own twist and in my own art style!

Since 2015 I have accepted art commissions from customers all over the world, breathing life into their characters. Whether they be characters from popular shows that the customers enjoy, or characters I/they have created to fit into the cartoon universe.

My work is a labor of love, I find it extremely difficult to get through a day without creating art whether it be doodling concepts for future works or completing finished digital pieces. My future goal is to fully support myself through my art.

Where you can find more of my Art

I currently have an Etsy store in which I sell small physical items with my art designs. I also have a TeePublic and Redbubble store where I sell larger apparel and merchandise that I am unable to make myself at home.

YouTube is also a side passion project which I enjoy uploading content to, mainly centered around my art and drawing process.

I also have a Patreon where I frequently upload images scrapped artwork/comic ideas, outtakes from my sketchbooks, the process behind each artwork produced, discounted commissions, monthly physical rewards and more! Pledging to my Patreon helps me upgrade my gear, buy new supplies/merchandise to sell and makes it so that I can afford to spend more time working on my art.


A Little About Aurelia..

Aurelia Charm is my ponysona, the pony personification of myself and the mascot for my art. I made her an alicorn as it makes for a wide variety of artwork ideas and I’ve always loved the idea of being able to have the power of flight and magic!

Aurelia spends a lot of time tending to her secret raspberry garden, which is where she goes for peace and quiet, to draw and to eat her favorite treats! Because of this she often smells like fresh raspberries. Not many ponies know about her secret raspberry garden, only her closest and dearest friends.

She is also quite boisterous and easily excitable. She treasures the close relationships she shares with her friends and family and at times will stretch herself too thin to try appease ponies. She loves fiercely, once you have won her heart you will always remain there.

She has a strange obsession for all things cat and raspberry.

Animation by: MisterAibo