Tokoroa Art Exhibition 15-16 December 2018

In September 2018 I applied to be in my towns first organized Art Exhibition, to be held on the 15-16th of December for two days only! I worked my butt off and worked through many issues arising, from major art block which made me uncertain of what I wanted to draw for the exhibition… To opening my glass frames two days before the exhibition and discovering that one of the glass frames was broken! After many late nights and worried thoughts inside my head the 15th of December finally came and opening night was upon me!

The opening night was at 6pm on the 15th of December, I brought my partner, my oldest and dearest friend and her partner with me as support as I was feeling a little nervous having my artwork on display for my entire town. Opening night was absolutely lovely, wines, cheeses, delicious nibbles.. I was so nervous I could barely eat. Looking around the exhibition at all of the beautiful and complex artworks from other local talent.. I was surprised I had made it into the exhibition in the first place! For the first hour I was far too nervous to sit at my table, as I saw people coming over to take a look at my display.

I had a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I should be sitting at my table, present with my art.. When I sat down, I was so nervous. I had not prepared any speech or pre-answered questions as I should have… But when curious eyes fell upon my art and questions were asked.. I was surprised that the questions were all so easy to answer!

“How do you make your art?” “When did you start drawing?" “What apps do you use?” “Why ponies?”

Questions I answer on a near day-to-day basis. I was also so SURPRISED to get so many beautiful compliments on my art, I was almost blushing the entire time I was sitting there. Talking to all of the people who came by to see my art and having genuine conversations with those interested in what I do. The time breezed by and the second day was much the same, if not a bit slower. By the end of the exhibition I had spoken to many people, I felt so good about my art.. I had sold half of the items on my display and a few future potential customers were interested in customized commissions ^^

The exhibition was such a mind broadening experience, I was so humbled by those who were interested in my art enough to ask me questions and come talk to me! Even more humbled by those who purchased my art ^^ I will certainly be applying for the exhibition next year and have more ideas for what I’d like to showcase in the future!